Review on Antidiabetic Activity of some Medicinal Plants which are commonly used in a Folk Herbal Compound/Medicine for Diabetes

M Khalid Iqbal1, Dr. Haseeb Anwar1,, Abdul Sami1*, Muhammad Abid1*, Imtiaz Mustafa1, Sadaqat Ali2 Sheza Jhangir2, Aks Noor2

Statistical Optimization of Pectin Lyase from Penicillium digitatum in Solid State Fermentation

*Ayesha Siddiqa1, Saima Noreen2, Ahmad Mukhtar Khalid3, Akash Raza4, Zahid Anwar5 and Muhammad Irshad6

Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistant pattern in Escherichia coli between male and female
Naveed Ahmed1