Comparative Efficacy Of Different Insecticides For The Control Of Thrips On Cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L.) Crop under Arid Condition

G.Abbas1, M.A. Ali 2, Waseem Abbas 3 , Marghub Amer1, Z.Abbas1,Tahir Mehmood1 and Jabar Zaman Khan Khattak1

Arrhythmias In Heart Failure Patients Related To Support Therapy

Bashar albkhoor MD*,Khalid Alnawaisheh MD,RAZi Abo Anzeh MD,zyad alfawaeer MD,Hanan Alrawashdeh RN

Production And Optimization Of Pectinase From Pomelo By Aspergillius Niger Through Solid State Fermentation

Kanza Hussain1, Abdul Wajid2, Masroor Ellahi Babar3, *Zahid Anwar4, Sharjeel Farooqi5, Ayesha Siddiqa6, Saima Noreen7, Javed Iqbal8